4 Simple Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria

Are you looking for an alternative source of income but feel overwhelmed by the many options available? Are you confused about what to do to get real results and not waste valuable time? You are not alone

This article isn’t a long list of legitimate online businesses under the sun.

Instead, it lists 4 simple ways to make money online in Nigeria. If you are consistent with these businesses, you are guaranteed to see results from your efforts

They are simple to start and very newbie-friendly.

Here they are.

  1. Selling Information-Based Products
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Service Arbitrage
  4. Airtime Vending

Let’s look at each one more closely.

1. Selling Information-Based Products

By the time you finish reading this article, more than 50 million searches will have been performed on Google

These searches are people looking for a solution to one problem or the other.

How many of these people do you think will be ready to pay you to solve their problems? Imagine that you are able to identify a problem that many people are having. You create an Information product based on your knowledge that solves that problem.

Then you put that product in front of these people.

Let’s imagine that you put a price of say N7,500 on that product and you are able to make 1 sale every day.

In 30 days, you would have made:

7500 X 30 = 225,000

That’s easily better than the salary most Nigerians earn monthly.

So how do you get this done?

Your first step should be obvious by now. Figure out a problem lots of people have. It must be a pressing problem that they really want to solve.

Once you have figured out a problem that people want to solve, solve that problem by creating an information product that does just that.

You can package it in form of a downloadable PDF or even in Video Format.

The key is to make it available in an easy to access and consume format. Once you have created that, you now have a product you can market.

All you have to do is find where many of these people congregate and position yourself as someone who is knowledgeable. Then you offer your product to them.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you have ever been to Ladipo Market, Alaba, or even Onitsha Market, you may have noticed a group of people who relentlessly try to inquire about what you want to buy. Many times you end up following one of them to a shop to find what you want to buy.

Those guys are practicing an offline form of affiliate marketing.

They are promoting the shop owner’s product on behalf of the shop owner. The shop owner then settles them if the person they brought buys. The principle is exactly the same online

You simply register as an affiliate with a company and you promote their product. Each time any of your referrals buy the company’s product, you earn a commission

You don’t own any products, deal with customer support or manage employees or any of those things that businesses have to do

When you register on an affiliate platform, you get what is called an affiliate link. With this link, you can promote any product of your choice that exists on that platform

When anyone clicks on that link and buys the product, you get credited for that purchase. You get paid a commission as stipulated by the product owner.

Commissions vary from product to product

In Nigeria, there are many affiliate products that can pay as much as 50% commission

If you would like to know more about affiliate marketing, you can click here.

3. Service Arbitrage

Arbitrage occurs when you buy a product or service for a lower price and sell it to someone else for a higher price.

If you call this a form of affiliate marketing, you won’t be too far from the truth.

You are simply connecting a business with a service provider.

The key difference here is that you determine the markup.

So let’s say you know a company that is in need of email marketing.

Or maybe you know a business that needs leads.

You can simply find someone offering leads services and get the price. Then you mark up the price and offer it to the business. Once the business agrees and pays you, you simply pay the service provider his price and keep the rest as your profits.

This is a pretty smart form of business.

It’s one you can start with almost zero budget.

4. Air Time Vending

It is estimated that as of Feb 2022, there are about 197 million active GSM lines in Nigeria.

A report in August 2022 has it that in six months only, Nigerians spent over N2trn on airtime.

That’s a massive potential to tap into.

In view of this massive potential, the recharge card business is now being rapidly replaced by the Virtual Top-Up service.

You probably recharge your airtime via your banking app or an applicable shortcode service from your bank.

In fact, many tech companies are including VTU as a part of their offerings.

By being a reseller, you simply buy data bundles in bulk and resell them in smaller amounts.

You can start a VTU business with as little as N10,000 and a smartphone.

So there you have it.

4 simple online businesses you can start easily in Nigeria.

Which of them will you be starting?

Do drop your comments in the box below.